Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Little Holiday

HEY!!!!!!! how are you?
hello friends Uub finally finished. loved it, but still have an examination on Monday, and the values I have a lot of value emerging. I am very grateful, and hopefully can improve again.

at school I was very troubled to see the value of Uub. and Monday will still have an examination. I pray I hope I get good grades. today until Monday I have a little holiday because there is a new Islamic year. I really really want to go. bored with the current situation should be studied continuously. I want to go out with friends.

I can not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow I will meet my friend is savira from semarang and she brought her friends to Jakarta. I wanted to get it tomorrow because I can not wait to see them.

I hope tomorrow I go with my friends because I was tired of continually learning. I hope in the second semester, I'll get a better value than the first semester. amiiinn

this day fun and annoying.
after school me and my friends for lunch and laughs, I miss those days like that. and whether you believe it? nadia rachma very good day to me. do not know why. do not know why this day was also tired, but also fun. I do not know how I feel how really complicated.

for the first time I like Thursdays because tomorrow I'm off, usually Thursdays are good days and the reply is not bored. I do not know what to do now. bored bored bored. only sleep at home and watch TV or open the internet. This evening I will go to Kemang. so goodbye my friends I'll see you in next post :)

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