Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

go out with my friends

hello all :D

today was fun. finally me and my friends went to Senayan City. I went with my brother. I went to anggia's with my bro. finally talked to her and playing the piano and more. me and anggia went to Senayan city together. after that I met Mita.
me, anggia, and mita do not know want to go anywhere else, because Senayan City is very crowded, so I decided to buy advance tickets for the movies. I bought a ticket "the dreamer" hahaha alias "sang pemimpi"

waited a long time. finally met savira and sarah. and savira brought her friends from semarang, she is nadia and afi. we met with them, and we want to have lunch. because Senayan City is very crowded. then we decided to have lunch at Hoka Hoka Bento. yes god I'm really hungry, because I had breakfast this morning.

after lunch, savira comes with nadia and afi. and went straight to the cinema to watch "the dreamer" is a very sad movie and is also funny. I was really touched. and it was very satisfying. me and anggia little cry in certain parts. which I think is very sad, and I shed tears. after watching the movie. we went to j.co and wait savira again because her friends wanted to buy something
while waiting for savira, me, sarah, mita and anggia play "truth-truth" hahaha very fun to play it, because we are honest with each other. we laughed happily, telling stories, and many more things we wrote to tell, very exciting day, I met with savira. I really miss savira, because now she lives in semarang. so we rarely see, not like long ago.

after that, mita and sarah go home. and I accompanied savira, nadia and Afi dinner at Hoka Hoka Bento. and pretty soon I go home with anggia. and I got home. This day was fun, I want to repeat it again hehehehe

Bye X.o

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